Wednesday, 6 April 2016


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Look what we did in room 10.  We have been learning how to weave a box and to write clear instructions if you want to make it

You will need this  
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • paper
  • Sellotape  
  • pen or pencil
1.  Gather all your equipment so you are ready to start.

2.   Measure ten strips of paper 1 cm wide and 30 cm long .

3.   Cut out the ten strips of paper

4.   Put five strips of paper on the grade then go under the strips of paper five times.

5.  Fold the paper over so it stands up.

6.   Put the  sellotape in the middle.

7.  Cut out 4 strops that are 24 cm long and one cm wide.

8.  Take one strip and fold it into 4 quarters (to give it 4 corners).

9.  With the same strip weave it through the 4 sides (keep it tight ) .

10. Sellotape each corner to keep the strip in place.

11. Repeat 10 and 9 for the remaining strips.

12. To finish the box make sure you fold over any strips sticking up and tape it down.

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